Myint kyina Town

It is the northern most railway terminal, 919 miles from Yangon and 487 miles from Mandalay. Visitors can tour the Myit Sone which is confluence of Maykha and Malikha streams Ayeyarwaddy River the most useful river in Myanmar has it’s source from this confluence and flows 1325 miles to the mouth of the river. The water over here is crystal clear. The panoramic view of the scenario at Myit Sone with the unspoiled beauty of nature is beyond the expression of words and will definitely be a fine attraction to tourists. Different tribes of national races live in harmony with their own cultures, customs dialects, dances and lifestyles. For mountaineering enthusiasts, expeditions to Mount Khaka Bo Razi would be an adventure. Myitkyina can be reached by air and which take two and half hours via Mandalay and the flights are operated irregular. It can be reached by train from Mandalay and it will take 26 hours.

Kachin Manoa Festaval Field

Kachin is one of the states which has a delightful festival known as Manaw. Kachin, the hill people or the Scots of Myanmar, celebrate Manaw festival. It is one of the most popular festivals in Myanmar. The festival is usually held in January. This festival has been held for more than three decades. Manaw festivals is the celebration of the New Year, Victory in battles, reunion of the tribes etc. Everybody in town joins the spiritual dance lined up behind one another.The traditional Manaw poles are decorated in colourful Kachin motifs and are centered in the middle of the festival ground. All who came to the festival wear their best traditional costume and the main feature of the festival is dancing around the erected Manaw poles, quite similar to the totem poles of North American Indians. Manaw festival is held in Myitkyina and Putao in Kachine State.


Snow Capped Mountain

Most of Myanmar’s snow-capped mountains are located within the state of Kachin, Northern Part of Myanmar. Gateway to the Myanmar Himalayas is Putao, which is surrounded by Natural Scenic Beauty and known as the most exciting and the most beautiful part of Myanmar. At an elevation of 402m above sea level, Putao is small and picturesque. During the late British colonial era, a military post called Fort Hertz was based in Putao. By the end of WWII most Westerners used this name instead of Putao – it still appears on some older maps.The highlands north of Putao are considered one of the most pristine Himalayan environments in Asia and could become a major ecotourism destination. The climate of Putao is cold all year round and snow-covered mountains can be seen from a distance. The mountain ranges close to Putao will soon become icy ones. The groves had turned reddish.This journey will makes the guests fulfill ness with the natural beauty of icy snow cap mountains, the different ethnic minority tribes in Northern Myanmar, the world rarest Black orchids and the rarest species and so many floras and faunas around the region. In November-December, it is so cold that water starts to freeze. The ice is about five feet deep in December and January and stays frozen until April or May.It can only accessible by air from Yangon, Mandalay and Myitkyina.